Fotor – Edit photos and create images for your social media!


Creating images for social networks is not as simple a task as it seems. But hiring a professional or learning to use tools for designers is very expensive and laborious. Fotor is a tool created to help small entrepreneurs or aspiring influencers to edit photos and create images.

Although not the only one, the platform is one of the most reliable for those who do not have time to waste with complete tools. Fotor is divided into three environments: photo editing, image creation and collage making.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll tell you what you can do in Fotor, how each environment differs from the other and what are the differences between the free or paid version.

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What can you do in Fotor?

Fotor’s main objective is to streamline your image creation. The most obvious use of it is to create images for social media, but the platform is not limited to that.

This is because the platform has several specific models, which can serve both Instagram posts and posters and business cards, for example. In addition, the platform’s editing and creation screens have several elements and special effects that you can include in your images.

In other words, you have a complete platform of images, with elements that can serve different purposes and markets, whether you own a virtual store for building materials or the next Twitch gamer.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Fotor is divided into three environments. Find out how each works in the following excerpts.


Photo editing

If you need to touch up photos or remove imperfections from photographs, Fotor can help you perform these tasks. It comes with basic tools that allow you to resize, cut unwanted elements and cover things like warts, pimples or wounds that you don’t want to appear in photos.

Even if you have learned how to take professional photos with your phone, you may also want to apply filters or special effects, such as making the photo black and white, darkening or lightening the photos, and even accentuating or decreasing their colors, among others.


Editing photos is enough for those who want to look more attractive in the relationship apps or simply remove that pimple that appeared at the last minute on an important date.

For those who want to create consistent content for social networks or even develop the visual identity of their business, this will be the environment they will use most often.

Due to the extensive library of ready-made images, icons, backgrounds and elements to use, you will be able to create the visual identity of your business without any problems, no matter which market you operate in.

All this available in a simple and easy to use interface, just search for the elements, drag and drop them wherever you want in the image.

in-app image creation

Create photo collages

Do you like to create collages with family, friends or even to mark periods of your life? Then you can send your photos to Fotor!

With several collage templates, you can create them even if you have a lot of photos to upload. Or even if you have only two photos, ideal for those “before and after” images. Best of all, just choose your model, send your photos and arrange them the way you prefer!

collage on fotor

Fotor Free x Fotor Pro: what are the differences?

You can start using Fotor for free and you can do everything we mentioned throughout the article. Fotor Pro brings some extra elements ideal for those who want to make money online and need a wider range of options.

Fotor Free guarantees you access to all environments, as well as free images from your collection. The Pro subscription also gives you access to paid photos, which are included in the monthly or annual fee. In addition, there are no ads in the paid version.

It also releases more advanced editing and design elements on the platform, ideal for those who have already mastered the basic tools and want to improve the level of images and photos they create in the app.

Want to start using Fotor right now? Then click on the link and see first hand everything it has to offer!