FotoJet – A simple and easy way to make montages with your photos


Looking for a simple way to make assemblies? I think I have a good tip for you. Today you will know the FotoJet, an online image editor that allows you to make collages and montages with a few clicks, always with a very nice appearance, I bet that even your mother can use one of these? Let’s get to know the tool?

There are several programs to edit images, some paid and others free, Photoshop and GIMP maybe two of the best examples, and of course, we have Pixlr too, which has become very popular, but FotoJet is special, not only because it is online and you can access it from any computer or device, but because it is very easy and intuitive and has several templates that will allow you to create cool things even without being a design expert.

Want to make it capable for Facebook or YouTube with ease?

FotoJet Features

FotoJet has some templates for the most common social networks. If you still don’t have much editing skills to create your own Facebook cover, your Fan Page or YouTube channel, you can let FotoJet help you, your only job will be to choose the images you want to be in the montage , then just download, share or print.

FotoJet still has the ability to import your photos from Facebook, which already makes things a lot easier.

FotoJet Editor

In addition to the ready-made templates, there is also a very simple editor to operate similar to the ones you find for mobile devices, you can even take a chance and do the thumbnails of the channel on it.

FotoJet Editor


Another cool feature of FotoJet are photocollages, many people like to group photos to show a certain moment in their lives from different angles, in FotoJet it is very simple to do that.

FotoJet Collages

There are several types of text to insert, cliparts and shapes that can complement your collage, I really enjoyed it!

To know this incredible application visit the website, another cool way to use the app is through your App on Google Chrome, I’m using it like this on my Ubuntu, look:

FotoJet on Ubuntu

I hope it can be as useful to you as it has been to me in the past few days. Did you like the tip? So help more people by sharing the post with your friends! ?

To the next!