Fortnite is now available to all players on iOS, no invitation required

A few weeks ago, we commented here how the quality of games for iOS was growing by leaps and bounds, and in some cases, already being compared to “real” console titles.

One of the biggest examples we gave was the hit Fortnite, which quickly became a fever at the time of the launch for consoles and computers, last September, and only boosted its popularity when it was released for iOS in previous access, last month.

Now, for the happiness of iPhone gamers (good to live in a world where this sentence makes sense, right?) from all over the world, we can cross out the “previous access” of the paragraph above: the developer Epic Games is finally releasing the game to all users.

No invitation required Fortnite is now open to everyone on iOS.

Call your friends and join us right now!

Until then, an invitation was needed to enter the game and participate in the delirious survival games in which 100 characters enter and only one emerges victorious (and alive); now, everyone can play in the Fortnite universe without any restrictions which will certainly increase Epic's profit even more, which only in the first three days of the game recorded revenue of more than $ 1 million extras due to the title's arrival on iOS.

Fortnite is compatible with iOS 11 and above and is available for free on the App Store; it is free to play, with only a series of extra items that assist the player and can be purchased via In-App Purchases.

Be careful not to get addicted, huh?

Fortnite app icon

via 9to5Mac