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Fortnite in Numbers: $ 3 Billion Profit, 125 Million Players and Now 60fps

If you use social networks on a daily basis, you have probably read or heard about Fortnite. If not incredibly, I quickly explain: a survival game where 100 people (real players) jump off a flying bus, parachute onto an island, collect weapons and survive. Who stays alive last wins.

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The game “PvP” gives Epic Games, which was even the main theme of the rejected video of the YouTube Rewindwith numerous references, has reached a new relevant milestone: a symbolic profit of $ 3 billion, achieved with 125 million players across platforms.

Fortnite, which is free to download and play, has several in-game purchases, although most are just “cosmetic” meaning no gain in the game other than the look.

Fornite - Screenshot

Still, as Sensor Tower pointed out, only iOS users spend $ 1.2 million a day on it. Nearly $ 400 million annually is from Apple's mobile operating system gamers.

So much place that you can play Fornite that is no excuse: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Windows, MacOS, iOS and, phew, Android. This has made Epic Games, which is not publicly traded, now worth about $ 15 billion, according to the Wall street journal.

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Speaking technically about the game, it now displays its beautiful graphics on iOS in 60fps (frames per second, or frames per second) on iPhones released this year, good to note. This is something that has been around on consoles for a while, but that becomes relevant when it comes to mobile phones.

The interesting part about this is that the developer didn't have to make a lot of effort in their iOS code to enable such news. Thanks to 7 nanometers of the new Bionic A12 chip on the XS, XS Max and XR iPhones, the gameplay continued to be smooth, light and not (very) warm. iDevices.

What you may not know is that even having a compatible device, you need to enable this function in the settings as shown in the image below:

Fornite - Screenshot

This is disabled because, whether you like it or not, your battery goes faster, and warms up the device.

Interestingly, Epic Games told the Eurogamerthat in theory the iPhone X A11 Bionic chip could also run the game at 60fps. But in complex scenarios this would require a lot of processor to render so much information, causing unwanted core heating, then slowing performance in these situations; Not to mention, of course, the battery life.

Fornite - Screenshot

But the question remains: is the difference from 30fps to 60fps remarkable? In this video Digital foundry, already with the link starting at 12:10, we see a comparison between the iPhone XR and a Razer Phone, a favorite for gamers from the Android world, but still does not run the game at this rate; The stark difference.

Undoubtedly, the experience of playing with a hand control and having several buttons at your fingertips is different, compared to holding the phone in your hand and using only the thumbs here ignoring those who can play using the index fingers. But in the end, it's great to know that developers are trying to deliver the same performance and gameplay that already exists on consoles.

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And you play Fortnite? Prefer Free Fire? Or don't you like long games? Comment below!

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