Forrester advises companies to migrate to Windows Vista

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Contrary to Gartner’s recent warning, Forrester last week published a study recommending companies to move quickly to Windows Vista, not waiting for the next version of Microsoft’s operating system.

The person in charge of the study points out five reasons why companies should not wait to migrate their desktops, in addition to gathering facts from the experience of early adopters in large corporate migrations.

The lack of viable alternatives to Windows is pointed out in the report as one of the reasons why companies are already migrating.

According to Forrester analysts, Windows is installed on 99 percent of computers in North America and Europe, with the percentage dropping to 97 percent in small businesses.

While recognizing that Mac OS and Linux are gaining visibility, Forrester says that migrating thousands of Windows customers to these platforms is not feasible.

Security is also on the list, mainly due to the end of support for Windows 2000 and XP versions before the release of the next version of the operating system, which will leave users unprotected in the face of new threats and exploits in the meantime.

Although Microsoft has already extended the support period for XP twice, the consultant says it does not believe that this will happen again, which makes the adoption of Vista more urgent.

In addition, the report also highlights the new security features of Windows Vista.

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