Former Tesla confesses to having sent company codes to iCloud

Former Tesla confesses to having sent company codes to iCloud

Apple was recently cited in a case involving a former engineer at Tesla, Chinese Guangzhi Cao, who was sued by the carmaker for allegedly stealing files with the company’s autopilot technology source code – The Verge.

In addition to accusing him of stealing trade secrets, Tesla also claimed that this information was shared with startup Chinese XMotors, where the engineer currently works and who has also been the subject of a similar complaint last year.

Although Cao denied that he stole confidential information from the automaker, he admitted this week that he sent files containing the technology code in question to his personal iCloud account in late 2018, while still working at Tesla.

The engineer’s defense lawyers argued that «he made great efforts to delete any Tesla files before leaving the company».

Tesla also presented to the court this week some documents related to the case of the XMotors employee who was accused of stealing secret information from the «Project Titan», from Apple, while still working at the company. Even though Apple is not involved in the most recent case, the similarity (and convergence to XMotors) between the two events left the court with a flea behind the ear.

As we said, Cao now works at XMotors as the head of perception; it is also worth noting that he worked for more than two years at Apple with a senior image scientist, contributing to the creation and development of prototypes for the first generation of the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera system, according to his profile LinkedIn.

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