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Former Siri boss joins Microsoft; Apple's marketing executive goes to Huawei

Two big Apple names have recently left Cupertino to break new ground in other major Ma competing companies. Let's see what are the next challenges for former Apple executives?

Bill stasior

Earlier this year, we reported that Bill Stasior, one of the executives who had been in charge of Siri's development team since 2012, had left the company as part of a restructuring of Ma's virtual assistant and machine learning team led by John Giannandrea.

About seven months after leaving Apple's front door, Stasior now leads an artificial intelligence group at Microsoft led by Redmond's chief technology officer Kevin Scott. The news of The information.

It is not yet known whether this artificial intelligence group at Microsoft works directly with the company's virtual assistant technology, Cortana, but the fact that Stasior, in one form or another, is developing technologies that match those offered by his company. former home.

After leaving Apple, the executive gave an interview in which he criticized the advancement of virtual assistant technologies, saying that they “do not live up to their promise to understand people in the most natural way possible” that even rejected at Siri.

Paul Jowett

At Apple since 2011, Paul Jowett has played the role of marketing manager; but before working with Ma, he held a similar position with another technology giant, Samsung.

Now, Jowett will leverage his marketing expertise on another major Apple competitor, Huawei, who hired the executive as marketing director in Australia, according to the Australian website. Mumbrella.

Huawei is constantly pushing the limits of what is possible through technology and setting the benchmark for smartphone innovation. I am excited to join the Australian team and look forward to creating exciting [Huawei] business campaigns.

According to Larking Huang, director of Huawei's consumer business group in Australia, Jowett's experience in the area “will be vital to driving the company's business growth” amid a positive spell for Huawei, which has sold over 100 millions of devices worldwide this year.

via 9to5Mac, AdNews