Former NASA employee creates stinky glitter bomb to pick up custom thieves

Mark Rober is a former NASA employee who left his previous job to devote himself to science videos and experimentation on YouTube.

One of his best video inspirations came after he had his parcel stolen, which drove him to set a trap to pick up mailing magazines.

In 2019, Mark perfected his glitter bomb and turned it into a stinky glitter bomb! The second verse took the name "Glitter Bomb Trap"(glitter bomb trap).

If you don't know, mail in the United States is usually delivered to your doorstep, and stays there until the recipient picks up the package.

This form of delivery enables other people to steal the deliveries that are at their doorsteps from their owners.

According to YouTuber, his package was stolen and he soon contacted the police, but the authorities did nothing even having access to images recorded by Mark's home security camera.

So he decided to do, or rather build, his own revenge.


First deliveries will be made in Houston to select customers

In 2018, the former NASA employee created a box with an automatic device that spread glitter on the thief.

This was all recorded in real time with smartphones housed inside the box.

A year went by and Mark Rober decided to hone his trap, adding in fake package sprays with a very stinky smell.

Finally, a police radio recording and a countdown were also added to the trap.

YouTuber also had the symbolic help of the actor Macaulay Culkin, Known for his role as Kevin McCallister in the "Forgotten Me" movies, where little Kevin played tricks on thieves trying to break into his home.

According to Mark, he has gone through a lot of work during those previous 11 months to produce this video.

After finishing the box prototype, he contacted some volunteers from the United States who were willing to test your trap.

Many of them worked and scared the thieves, but one of them was not even "activated", and the volunteer took the box and kept it with you.

Fortunately, Mark was able to locate the house and the real contact of the volunteer volunteer and nailed some other pranks on it.

In addition to "trolling" the matching thieves, Mark also gave a sum of money to people who prevented people from "Glitter Bomb Trap"were stolen.

These people did not know it was a trap, and gently repositioned the boxes to a safer place in front of the volunteer houses.

Of course Mark was able to keep up with the cameras embedded in the fake mail.

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