Former Minister of Education justifies Magalhães

Novo Magalhães may reach schools this academic year

Called this Wednesday to the commission of inquiry on the Foundation for Mobile Communications, the former Minister of Education, Maria de Lurdes Rodrigues, said that «the face of Magalhães was not painted», in the specifications defined by the Government for the computer that would be distributed to 1st cycle students.

The former political officer, who was part of the task force that decided on such specifications, defended before the deputies that there was nothing in the demands made that would induce that one could only buy the JP Sá Couto computer. «There were other equipment, but they did not have the Magalhães price conditions. Magalhães was the computer that responded best», quotes Jornal de Negócios.

Maria de Lurdes Rodrigues guaranteed that «it was not said that the cover had to be blue or red. The specifications were in line with what was needed by the 1st cycle students».

With regard to Internet access, when asked about the profit that operators were able to make from this project, Maria de Lurdes Rodrigues confessed that she did not know how to answer «because in fact, poorly compared, it meant that we did not distribute milk to students, because the suppliers will make a profit «

«The Government defended a public interest, by setting a maximum price,» he added.

The Mobile Communications Foundation Committee of Inquiry continues tomorrow. Zeinal Bava is the «lord who follows», after this week Ângelo Paupério, from Sonaecom and António Coimbra, from Vodafone, as well as Maria de Lurdes Rodrigues, have already been heard.