Former Microsoft employee becomes Mac aficionado

Microsoft must not be liking the buzz that one of its former employees has generated on the network, after being dismissed by it.

In late December, Don Dodge came to the public to say that she today as IBM was in 1985; yesterday, on his personal blog, he revealed that he became a Mac aficionado.

Don Dodge, ex-Microsoftie, current Google and Mac-fan

The irony that, before he was fired in November last year, Don spent five years of his life traveling the United States and convincing companies about why they should use Microsoft products.

Here's how three months can change a person's life:

I am now a Development Lawyer at Google and I am in love (my new job).

After years of defending Microsoft against Apple fanatics, I decided to cross the street and see how it works with my own eyes.

Microsoft's emigration was complete.

From Windows to the Mac, from Outlook to Gmail, from Internet Explorer to the Google Chrome browser, from Office to Google Apps, from a Windows Mobile phone for Android, from Zune to the iPod.

Don says that, until then, he suffered from something quite common among humans: resisting changes because he is comfortable with what he has / knows. "Leaving Microsoft and joining Google gave me the perfect opportunity to change everything," he said.

He further says:

From a functional point of view, you can do everything you do on a PC on a Mac, and vice versa.

There are differences in approach or style, but you can do your job with both a Mac and a PC.

Someone spoke knowingly.

(via TechFlash)