Former Google employee blames Android for photo quality

Former Google employee blames Android for photo quality

Former Google employee blames Android for photo quality

Vic Gundotra, the former Google executive responsible for the development of Google+, decided to use his Facebook account to wash dirty clothes in public.

According to Gundotra – who always seemed ethical and dedicated during his time at the helm of Google+ – he decided to give public praise to Apple after comparing the photos taken by the iPhone with his DSLR camera.

«I would never use an Android phone for photos!» Wrote the current CEO of medical application company AliveCor. «The big problem with Android is Android».

Questioned by a user about the Galaxy S8 camera, the former Googler decided to make a real text:

“Android is an open operating system (mainly) that must be neutral for all parties. That sounds good until you get into the details. Ever wonder why a Samsung phone has a confusing and bewildering variety of photo options? Should I use the Samsung camera? Or the Android camera? Samsung Gallery or Google Photos?

It is because, when Samsung innovates with the underlying hardware (like a better camera), they have to convince Google to allow this innovation to be addressed for other applications through the appropriate API. This can take YEARS.

Also, the biggest innovation doesn’t even happen at the hardware level – it’s happening at the computer photography level. (Google was chewing on this for 5 years – they had “incredible self” that use AI techniques to remove wrinkles, whiten teeth, but recently, Google has backed down).

Apple does not have all of these restrictions. They innovate in the underlying hardware, and simply update the software with its latest innovations (like portrait mode) and activate it).

Footnote: If you really care about photography, you have an iPhone. If you don’t mind a few years ago, buy an Android ”.

It is not possible to rule out the possibility that Vic Gundotra has any resentment towards Google.