Former Apple advisor Bill Campbell dies at 75 [atualizado: homenagem]

Former Apple advisor Bill Campbell dies at 75 [atualizado: homenagem]

After 17 years as an Apple Board Member, Bill Campbell retired in mid-2014 and was replaced by Susan L. Wagner.

Less than two years later, the sad news came today that the president and former CEO of Intuit Corp. passed away after a hard battle against cancer.

Known in the Silcio Valley as “O Tcnico” ("The Coach"), Campbell advised countless top executives like Larry Page (Google), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Steve Jobs himself. Their relationship was the subject of a presentation by Campbell at Stanford University in 2009.

Long before becoming an Apple advisor, Campbell came to work directly for the company as vice president of marketing this in the 1980s, when Apple was under the command of John Sculley. He served as CEO of Intuit from 1994 to 1998.

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Update · 04/19/2016 s 10:46

Even with the announcement of WWDC 2016 and the launch of new MacBooks, Apple is now dedicating its entire home page to a tribute to Bill Campbell.

Tribute to Bill Campbell on the Apple website

Very cool.