Espelho inteligente Forme Life é a nova solução para se exercitar na quarentena

Forme Life smart mirror is the new quarantine exercise solution

Among the biggest challenges that people have encountered during quarantine is the search for a safe way to exercise. To solve this problem of times of the Covid-19 that the smart mirror was launched Forme Life, which also features a weight-based training system in the style of fitness equipment as part of the package.


The device also allows you to shop, watch tutorials, listen to music and more

The gadget was designed by the award-winning industrial designer suo Yves Behar and uses a hidden resistance system to simulate weights. Through this mechanism, the user can perform pushing, pulling and lifting exercises using various angles and different weights, as if he were in a gym.

The smart mirror will also come with other accessories, such as a heart rate monitor and handles for the user to attach to the ankle. The purpose of these extra objects is to allow the person to have a greater variety of movements.

When Forme Life is not being used for exercise, your arms can retract to be kept behind the screen. Now the accessories can be kept in a hidden compartment.

According to the website The Verge, the smart mirror comes with exercise classes that the user can watch by streaming. The machine also automatically adjusts the weights best suited to the user's fitness level.

The person can define objects, deciding whether to gain muscle, gain more fitness or lose weight over time. Class offerings include cardio, strength, functional and yoga exercises.

Source: Forme

According to the company, the instructors will be displayed on the screen as close to their actual size as possible. The purpose of this is to allow those who are at home to mirror themselves (with the pun punishment) in their teachers.

The Forme Life smart mirror is expected to hit the market in spring 2020 (between September and December). It will be sold on a monthly subscription basis, which costs $ 150 for a period of 39 months including hardware and content subscription. In total, this gives $ 5,811 for a period of 3 years and 3 months of exercise at home.

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