Forget the calculator; with Soulver for Mac, you’ll do really smart and modern calculations

Forget the calculator;  with Soulver for Mac, you’ll do really smart and modern calculations

If you need to do simple and quick accounts on the Mac, you know that you have a native Calculator app and that, of course, you can also do different accounts through Spotlight’s own search. So far, so good.

But this is not the smartest and most modern way to do math on the computer, and the Soulver, created by Zac Cohan, is proof of that.

I’ve been testing Soulver for the past few weeks and I fell in love with the app. Basically, what we have here is a super-smart “notebook”, which interprets what you type and presents calculation results automatically and instantly in a column on the right.

I played, at random, some examples in several lines here from the Soulver window so you can get a sense of what it is capable of:

Soulver Examples

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That is, as you can see, it handles all basic and advanced arithmetic operations, percentages, units and conversions, dates, variables, among others. You can see all of his features here.

And the idea is not to use it as in the example above, of course. You can, in the left column, create as many sheets / notes as you want and even format them using Markdown. If you are joining several numbers, for example, it will automatically add them together and show the final result in the lower right corner, as if it were a spreadsheet.

The only thing is that some things he can only interpret even if you type in English, but in general everything works in a very natural and intelligent way. For those who use Alfred, Soulver can also run inside him as a workflow.

Seriously, this app is awesome – you can try it for free for 30 days, if you are doubting my word – and, in my opinion, it is worth the R $ 133 for your perpetual license. Oh, before you ask: Soulver already had an iOS version, but it was old and was removed from the App Store; the developer promises to launch a new one for this year, yet.

Soulver 3 app icon