Forget Gmail. This is the best email client for your Android

Lupakan Gmail.  Ini adalah klien email terbaik untuk Android Anda

How do you use your cell phone’s email client? For many, Gmail is the gateway for those who need to organize virtual life, especially because it is installed on factory Android phones. Anyone who thinks that a good e-mail client is not necessary is mistaken, since the virtual world requires many registrations that generate identity confirmation by e-mail, newsletter subscriptions and even sending and receiving documents.

You may not use email often, but that doesn’t mean you need to turn your back on it. A good email client can change the bad impression that apps for this purpose and scarce resources leave. I have a good indication for that! See below.

The best e-mail today is one that is accessible, compatible with various platforms and that does not come with resource limitations between free and paid versions. These are highlights of Gmail, although Outlook is an alternative that delivers all of that and more. The Microsoft e-mail client has: built-in calendar, dark mode compatible with any version of Android, synchronizes files in the cloud with OneDrive and has a web version, software for Mac or PC and so on. If you fool around, you can even access it on a brick Nokia with Symbian.

microsoft out 2

Dark mode Outlook app image and calendar / © AndroidPIT

The convenience of using Outlook consists of exactly these functional and well integrated features. Why have a separate calendar application in the phone’s memory, if Outlook has a calendar built into the app and synchronized with email. Another positive point: you can use any email account on it, Hotmail (my God… for those who love to receive spam), Yahoo (for those who like to have their data leaked) or, for example, Google Mail itself, commonly known Gmail.

The web and offline versions are very versatile in terms of customization and features that make the inbox organized. I am very critical with the categorization that Gmail does in my emails, since I receive promotions and notifications from social networks, for example, in the main box from the moment I interact with them, and they should be stored in their respective categories. At this point, the Outlook smart box is more efficient, especially with spam and junk mail.

microsoft out ok

Outlook app image / © AndroidPIT

Finally, something that surprised me and convinced me to make this change: notifications. I notice, at least on my phone, that the flow of notifications in Outlook is more regular and almost instantaneous, while Gmail over and over stops showing some of them or sends everything at once at a certain time of the day. It can be a way to save energy by making synchronization more optimized, but, in my view, this delay is not a positive point for an email client.

Ps: this is not an article sponsored by anyone, least of all Microsoft. Outlook is something I have been using for years and I think it is my duty to share something useful and that can be transformative for your technological routine.

Which email client do you use? Have you tried Outlook?