Forest Information and Prevention System automates and centralizes data to prevent fires

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

The Forest Information and Prevention System is presented today by the Ministry of Agriculture and a set of partners. This prevention and surveillance system is intended to be a centralized information and communication tool that provides up-to-date data that can be useful in action planning and fire detection.

The system is part of the National Watchtower Network, which currently comprises 240 stations operating in coordination with the District Relief Operations Centers, GNR, the Forest Fire Management System and the National Fire and Civil Protection Service.

Developed by the Directorate General of Forest Resources in partnership with Lusitânia – Regional Development Agency – SIPF also has the collaboration of Autodesk, the Sonae group (Indústria e Optimus), PH Informática and Normática.

In a note to the press, the Ministry of Agriculture explains that the implementation of the system aims at «a continuous improvement in the management of alerts» at the level of coordination and dissemination of information that makes it possible to reduce the burnt area, contributing on the other hand to the «reduction of operational management costs, reduced workload and time associated with it «.

SIPF was already operating in an experimental phase, financed by the Operational Program for the Knowledge Society, which has now ended. The platform uses the technology of Autodesk maps and the MOB simulation of PH Informática, allowing the user to have access via mobile phone to a digital route of a certain location.

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