Forest app: don't touch your phone and plant a tree!

Why do it today if you can do it tomorrow, when you are in a good mood, more willing or maybe you can postpone the task for another day?

Just Do It. Tomorrow.

Regardless of the reason for postponing obligations, whether due to pressure, anxiety or laziness (the main reasons), it is inevitable that delays harm us professionally. From there, we seek alternatives to improve or control our pseudo-idleness.

I have always discredited applications that promise to fight procrastination because, in my view, this should start with us, not an application. If you are hostage to an app, the change may not have the expected effect. Well, I met the Forest.

Forest app icon

Its objective is simple: with two taps you open the application and start planting a tree, which will grow in a time chosen by you, from 5 to 120 minutes, depending on what you intend to do is study, do a job, etc. Your phone may even be locked, but if you exit the app, the tree dies; and if you complete the time correctly, you earn coins to be able to change the type of tree to be planted.

App Forest - iPhone screenshot

Although it is strange to use an application on your cell phone to stop using it, this same app helps you not to use the device, which is one of our main distractions in helping procrastination. In addition, you end up caring about a dying digital tree and end up postponing that stink on Facebook.

Remember the coins you earn for each completed tree? In addition to being able to buy new digital trees, you help plant real trees somewhere in the world! That's right: for every 2,500 coins the user spends, the Forest team orders a partner to have a tree planted. Although we cannot choose the location of the crop, it is still a beautiful and responsible ecological attitude.

Considering that I gained 9 coins in 25 minutes to be able to plant a tree, we will need to use the app for two weeks to have enough coins. Seriously, it's not so bad to plant two trees a month, right?

TheForest application, in addition to the iOS version, is also available for Android, Windows Phone and for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.