foreign developer tries to deceive Brazilians with fake apps

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Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for some unscrupulous developers to try to take easy money from more innocent users on the App Store.

And we insist on always highlighting these cases here so that more people are informed and do not fall for the scammers.

One of the most current cases is that of the foreign developer Lanh Nguyen, which has 2 fake apps on the list of 10 most purchased on the App Store.

❖ Live Movement Wallpaper

Did you find the name strange? It is because he used an online translator to put the text in Portuguese, a text that is actually full of errors.

Even if people were concerned about reading more, they would be able to quickly identify when an application is reliable or not.

This app promises a moving background image, like “in the Androids”.

But when you pay for it and install it, the images are static.

The worst thing is that dozens of false testimonials (in English) give the app 5 stars, giving the impression that it is well regarded.

There is no point in making a mistake: there are functions on the iPhone that Apple does not allow and will not be an App Store application that will be able to do this kind of thing.

❖ Default Password – Lock Points for the Lock Screen

Another function that is impossible to do with an App Store application: changing the lock screen.

If you want a password with connection points, you have two alternatives: jailbreak or buy an Android.

On the iPhone, officially, you can’t do that.

❖ Biometric Scanner for Lock Screen

Imagine how cool it would be to unlock your iPhone screen with your fingerprint, right? Yes, without a doubt, but that only happens in Tom Cruise films for now.

On the iPhone (or any smartphone currently sold) it is not possible to touch the screen and the device identifies your fingerprints.

And if it were possible, the application would probably not only cost $ 0.99…

The application description says it all:

This application brings you the perfect security of those who cause problems.

This application also does not allow them to break their iPhone.

Only you, the owner can open the key and use your Iphone with our modern lock system.

Poor and poorly written Portuguese.

It would be enough to read for people to realize the deception and not spend their hard-earned money on something that is false.

What to do to not be fooled on the App Store


First of all, ALWAYS read the entire description and make sure you understand what the app is about.


Read the reviews of those who have already purchased, but order them so that the most recent reviews appear.

Do not trust opinions in another language if the store is Brazilian, they are usually fake.


Search Google if any website has already reviewed the app.

Youtube is also a good source of research.


Don’t look for “miracles” in apps, as Apple limits the system (which is a safety factor).

Do not expect to find applications that block calls, read hands or fry eggs, as this will only exist when Apple deploys directly to the system.

Tip from Helder Castro and Nohan Vieira