Forecasted delivery of MacBooks Pro could be another indication of an update at WWDC [atualizado: iPads Pro também]

Novos MacBooks Pro de 13 e 15 polegadas abertos na diagonal

A few weeks ago, the Bloomberg stated that the keynote of Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 may be the stage for updates on the MacBooks lines.

From yesterday to today, Apple’s own online store has given a certain indication that this may be true. But it is not one of the strongest indications; I explain below.

MacBooks Pro delivery forecast

As shown in the screenshot above, in fact, when you are logged in to the American Apple Online Store or have entered a zip code to check the forecast for product delivery, 15-inch MacBooks Pro with Touch Bar now indicate a minimum delivery time that coincides with the WWDC keynote date (June 5).

However: 1. this happens only for the models of 15 ″ (hardly 13 ″ models would not be updated at the event too); 2. if you are not logged in or with cookie at the store, the forecast for these models is “3-5 business days”; and 3. in Brazil and in several other countries, the forecast is also normal.

Still, it is still curious and there are reports from other online stores also with low stocks of 15 ″ MBPs. You will see more 13 ″ units left, and even so, it will be updated next week – still, it’s worth remembering that Apple has already updated different sizes at separate times in the past.

We’ll see, there are a few days left.

via MacRumors

Update, for Eduardo Marques May 30, 2017 at 13:38

According to the reader Filipe Espípio warned in the comments, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro have a delivery time of 1-2 weeks (both in Brazil and in the USA).

Interestingly, the biggest rumor involving a possible update on the iPads covers precisely the replacement of the 9.7 ″ model with a 10.5 ″ model. On the other hand, it would be very strange for Apple to launch a new iPad of 10.5 ″ and keep the 12.9 ″ the way it is (remembering that the current bigger model, in fact, was launched before the smaller one).