Ford used to distribute malware

Ford used to distribute malware

The Ford car brand is being used to distribute malware. The alert is from PandaLabs which in searches identified 1.2 million pages with malicious results in some way related to the brand.

The technique used is described by the company as SEO – Search Engine Optimization and is hidden in Internet pages to which the user is attracted in search of information about the brand, after a Web search.

When entering a page of search results with malicious code, the user is redirected to a location that suggests viewing a video. When the user tries to watch this video, he is told that he needs to download a program.

The program is a fake antivirus, which once installed constantly alerts you to the existence of a security problem that does not exist. The aim is that the fear of having an infected PC leads the «victim» to compare a security product that does not exist either.

This is not a new formula to try to deceive anyone who circulates on the Internet, but it has proved to be profitable and for this reason the ways in which it is emerging have multiplied rapidly, as well as the versions of the fake antivirus.

According to Panda’s laboratories, only between the first quarter of last year and the same period this year did the number of variants of this fake antivirus increase 100 percent.