Ford limits speeding through the key

Ford limits speeding through the key

The next time your child asks for your car key, don’t put your hands on your head. Ford announced that parents will be able to control the speed at which their children drive through new technology built into the next Focus coupé models in 2010.

It all starts with car keys that, when programmed, are automatically linked to a system called MyKey. This technology is responsible for issuing continuous audible alerts whenever seat belts are not attached, it allows limiting the maximum speed of the car and the volume at which the radio can play.

Alerts are also triggered whenever the car exceeds 72, 88 and 105 kilometers per hour or when the gasoline level is below «healthy» for the vehicle. The main element of MyKey is the one that prevents the car from traveling at more than 130km / h, something that, according to Ford, can be regulated.

The car brand is confident with this new strategy because, according to a study, consumers considering buying a car equipped with MyKey admitted that they would allow their children to drive more often if their vehicle had a similar system.

According to Ford, any car key can be programmed to work with MyKey. Regarding the placement of the system on other models, the manufacturer admits to extending the technology to the Mercury and Lincoln models.