For the umpteenth time, Gene Munster bets on the arrival of an iTV - and brings “details” about it

For the umpteenth time, Gene Munster bets on the arrival of an iTV – and brings “details” about it

Give a little cap in this post, here; this is our first time that we already showed Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, betting on the arrival of an Apple TV in 2009! And I'm not even sure if that occasion was in fact the first time he said that.

The guy has been hitting the same key for years and, if the recent rumors are any indication, * it could be * that soon his dream will finally come true (not least because it would be one of the three things Steve Jobs would like to reinvent). Still, there are a lot of skeptical people about the issue.

Apple HDTV (iTV, Apple TV)

Today, speaking to the Business Insider, Munster reaffirmed his belief in the arrival of an iTV and even shared some "details" about the possible product:

  • The much talked about iTV will arrive in 2012.
  • The iTV will be a complete television, not one set-top box like Apple TV. That's because Apple hates requiring users to connect external devices to get the experience they want, it makes sense, but an Apple TV costs only $ 100. How much does this iTV cost?
  • Ah, he answers: the * double * of a conventional TV of excellent quality and the size expected for iTV, something around US $ 1,600 (with huge margins for the company, of course, as always).
  • And speaking of size, Munster thinks that iTV will be offered in some versions after all, not everyone "would have the budget" for a 50-inch TV.
  • Her magic would be her integration with others iProducts. Although it comes with a normal remote control, it can also be controlled by iPads or iPhones / iPods touch, including via Siri. Users will be able to download content, games and the like through the iTunes Store, App Store and iCloud.
  • Users will be able to switch channels by calling their names, since Apple does not want anyone to be memorizing their number.
  • Anyone who wants to also be able to continue with their TV open and / or cable or satellite, simply connect them also on iTV.

And what do you think?