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For the strong stomach: iPhones 7 undergo all types of tests including scratch and liquid resistance

The script is already known: just a new iPhone model will reach consumers, and in a matter of hours they will start popping into the flooded networks of fast-paced videos testing (and destroying) the new devices in the most grotesque ways imaginable.

How iPhone 7 It's no different if you search YouTube, you'll find everything from crazy hammers and axes to crazy professionals with hydraulic presses.

As we prefer the more reasonable side of things, we brought in some still quite creepy videos, but testing everyday aspects of use that victimize or mark many iPhones worldwide: scratches, dips and interactions with liquids. This last factor is especially interesting this year, as the iPhone 7 is for the first time IP67 certified even though Apple still does not cover its liquid damage.

The first test of scratch resistance, and the channel JerryRigEverything took the thing seriously: absolutely tested all external components of the black iPhone 7 matte: screen, housing, lens, antennas, buttons, speakers, SIM card tray, Lightning port and the new "fake" Home button.

As the test results show, Apple's new smartphone does neither better nor worse than its predecessors and competing common objects such as coins and keys will not scratch your precious investment (I used this term for guessing the price it gets here. in Brazil), but sharp objects or those with a higher hardness will be a problem, yes. Be especially careful of the glass covering the camera lens, which has been scratched ?quite easily?.

Also interesting to note is that based on the tools used in the video, no part of the iPhone 7 is made of sapphire. The material, which is much higher in hardness than glass, has been speculated as the one that would coat the new capacitive start button and the lens cover, but apparently not the case.

O YouTuber took the opportunity to test also the display resistance to flame (spoiler: the iPhone did very well) and, not to lose the habit, evoked the infamous #bendgate of the iPhone 6 while trying to bend the device. Apparently, the enhanced construction of the iPhone 6s remains intact here and the iPhone 7 bravely resisted attempts. An interesting point to note is the new sticky adhesive that joins the screen housing, present to contribute to water resistance.

Talking about water resistance, the channel infoHut decided to put the new iPhone under tests on some liquids: water, soda, and something like latte (based purely on appearance, I refuse to call it coffee). The device was completely unscathed from the test, as expected, even though it was submerged in water for more than five minutes.

Already iFixit left an iPhone 7 dipped in a tank for more than 7 hours the test was interrupted as YouTube does not allow live broadcasts for more than 8 hours! And to top it off, when the device's battery dropped to about 14% (with about 6 hours and 50 minutes of testing), they still plugged in the Lightning cable to power the bug. Result? Believe it or not, he survived!

It is definitely not the case that we put the new iPhones in tanks or do a deep dive with them (as I said above, Apple is still not covering liquid damage in the iPhone 7 warranty), but the fact that we can now sleep soundly knowing that little animals resist well the fluids.

Still on this subject, the same channel from the first video took the iPhone vandalized by the scratchy objects and did a pretty thorough analysis (no pun intended, please) about what makes the iPhone 7 water resistant.

The results are beyond interesting, demonstrating the hydrophobic meshes that Apple has employed in all microphone and speaker openings, the rubbers to isolate all components, and the new super-sticky adhesive that joins the display case. It's worth watching.

Finally, the Australian channel TabTimes published the first drop test (drop test) on iPhones 7 and 7 Plus.

The results were extremely positive: the two devices were unharmed from 12 combined falls from two different heights, the highest of them above 2 meters! Apple said nothing about tougher glass on its new smartphones, but the fact that they did better than any other competing device in the crash test.

Anyway, I do not recommend that you try to play it at home.

(via AppleInsider, iClarified)