For the Sixth Time, Apple Will Take Part in The Code Hour Initiative

It has almost become an Apple tradition. For the sixth consecutive year, she participates in the initiative Code Time (Hour of Code) in all your stores. The event takes place in celebration Education Week for Computer Science It is intended not only for children, but also for adults just starting out in app programming.

Of the day December 1-14Customers will be able to register to participate in Code Time sessions, which provide learning opportunities for people of varying skill levels. The sessions of Kids hour will help aspiring 6-12 year-old coders explore robot coding, while those 12 and older can participate in sessions using Swift Playgrounds and the iPad to learn coding concepts.

Swift Playgrounds app icon

This year Apple also introduced materials from the Swift Coding Club to help teach coding outside the classroom with Swift, the company's programming language. And to help prepare and develop even more students, the company unveiled the new curriculum. Advanced Placement and a certificate for Apps Development with Swift.

Interested parties should sign up for Ma store sessions as soon as possible to get all this, of course, for free!