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For the homesick: Canadian manufacturer launches wired aluminum numeric keypad for Macs

At WWDC 2017, along with several new products, Apple also introduced the Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad. Prior to the arrival of this new accessory, Apple had already marketed a numeric keypad; He, however, was not wireless. With the arrival of the model wireless, Ma thought it good to discontinue the wired model.

I particularly prefer to always avoid a tangle of wires on my desk, especially if the product has a phenomenal battery like these Apple keyboards have. But as I like no arm, I'm sure some (or even many) of you would prefer the convenience of a cable than worrying about recharging and batteries.

Wired Aluminum Keyboard by Matias

Thinking about it, the Canadian manufacturer Matthias launched the Wired Aluminum Keyboard. And that's exactly what you are seeing: something very, very close (visually speaking) to the Apple keyboard, only wired (1 meter USB-A cable) and two USB 2.0 ports into which you can plug your mouse with wire, USB sticks, etc.

Wired Aluminum Keyboard by Matias

Another differential is a much more precise control of the volume of the speakers, since by keyboard you can adjust up to 64 volume levels against 16 normally allowed by Apple.

Wired Aluminum Keyboard by Matias

Moreover, basically everything here that we already know with the possibility that you can purchase the keyboard in different languages. The Wired Aluminum Keyboard costs $ 60 and starts shipping in November. They apparently ship to Brazil at no charge.

via AppleInsider