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For the first time, sales of iOS devices surpassed those of Windows PCs

The world ps-PC arrived and sooner or later this was going to happen:

The graphic above, shared by Benedict Evans, shows a symbolic moment for Apple: for the first time, sales of devices equipped with the iOS operating system (iPads, iPhones and iPods touch) surpassed those of Windows PCs. This was possible thanks to Apple's good fiscal quarter; at the same time, the PC market is not having all this ball.

It is worth noting that sales of Android devices surpassed those of Windows PCs in March 2012. Leaving sales and focusing on an installed base, Android has also surpassed PCs, which currently stand at 1.5 billion. And if sales of iGadgets continue at this pace, soon Apple will also surpass that mark.

Undoubtedly, the mobile market today is much bigger than the PC market, not surprisingly, companies like Dell, HP and others ?are left behind?.

(via 9to5Mac)