For the 6th consecutive year, Apple has the most valuable brand in the world

Since 2013, the Apple took over and remains at the top of the ranking Best Global Brands compiled by the firm Interbrand.

This year, its brand registered a remarkable growth of 16%, now worth US $ 214.5 billion.

Interbrand brand ranking

Behind Apple, closing the Top 5we have Google (+ 10%, $ 155.5 billion), Amazon (+ 56%, $ 100.8 billion), Microsoft (+ 16%, $ 92.7 billion) and Coke (-5%, $ 66.3 billion).

As in other metrics, Jeff Bezos' ecommerce giant was the one that skyrocketed from 2017 to 2018.

In order to compile its ranking, Interbrand takes a number of factors into account including differentiation, engagement and consistency for each of the evaluated brands.

The combined total value of Top 100 in 2018 it crossed the US $ 2 trillion limit, registering an increase of 7.7% year on year.

Unfortunately, none of the hundred Brazilian.

via The Guardian