For some mysterious reason, the Spotify web player is no longer compatible with Safari

For some mysterious reason, the Spotify web player is no longer compatible with Safari

One of the (hundreds of) advantages of Spotify over the Apple Music the fact that you, having an account and a computer at your disposal, can access your music, playlists and the entire catalog of the service through any browser unlike Ma's music platform, which forces you to download iTunes (better known as the most hated software in the world since Internet Explorer 6) to perform the same task.

However, all this convenience has taken a huge toll in the last few days, when users around the world have tried to access the web player Spotify Safari and came face to face with the wall: for some reason, the service is no longer compatible with Ma's browser.

Spotify Web Player incompatible with Safari

At the moment, browsers listed as compatible with the web player of Spotify are Chrome (version 45 or higher), Firefox (47 or higher), Edge (14 or higher) and Opera (32 or higher). The users, of course, immediately contacted the company to clarify the situation and received a very short answer:

After taking a look at how things work, we can confirm that, after recent updates, Safari is no longer a browser supported by web player. We are constantly testing things, adding and removing features to make Spotify even better. We are sorry that you can no longer use the web player as before. We have no way of saying if specific features will be brought back, but as soon as we have news, we will announce it to everyone through the Spotify Community.

Therefore, officially, there is no explanation for the withdrawal or an expectation for the return of the web player to Safari. In the typical forum forums for the case, however, the user Riegelstamm has a suspicion of the reason for the change: the web player uses the Widevine, Google plugin used by services that reproduce DRM protected content. Apple considers that the technology is insecure and opens a door for attacks on your browser, and, therefore, blocks its operation in Safari, that is, unless Spotify is willing to abandon the plugin, we will certainly have to wait seated by back from web player to browser of Ma.

It remains to be seen who loses the most from it Spotify, which fails to offer a feature to its customers, or Apple, with the prospect of even more users migrating to Chrome just because of this change.

Spotify investing in your own Music Festival?

On a related note, it is very likely that everything is a very funny coincidence or maybe the Swedes had access to Ma's plans before they were released, but the fact that, just four days after Apple decreed the end of the Apple Music Festival, Spotify announced its first live music festival.

WhoWeBe, Spotify music festival

The festival, christened WhoWeBe, take place on November 30th in London, at the historic entertainment center Alexandra Palace, and bring the finest cream of avant-garde artists that no one knows, such as Dizzee Rascal, Bugzy Malone, J Hus and Stefflon Don. playlist with music by the artists is already available on the platform, and subscribers of Spotify Premium will be able to buy tickets with preference.

, friends, the competition is fierce

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