For Qualcomm’s CEO, dispute with Apple has everything to be resolved out of court

For Qualcomm's CEO, dispute with Apple has everything to be resolved out of court

Apple and Qualcomm they are in a battle like that. While Ma accuses the San Diego company of double-profiting from its chips and has therefore suspended payment for royalties Qualcomm, for its part, has taken to Apple and wants to ban imports of iPhones to the United States (as we well know, the devices are made in China).

We are talking about two giants in the technology sector, which undoubtedly have enough ammunition to take such a dispute to the surface. But historically, when we look closely at a judicial fight like this, we see that the outcome does not necessarily happen in the hands of a judge or a jury. Yes, the most emblematic case of all (Apple vs. Samsung that is still happening, good to note) the exception to the rule; but if we take several others (Apple vs. Nokia; Apple vs. HTC; and others), we see that the best way is that of ?conciliation? (or that famous half way, ?neither l nor c?).

In an interview with Fortune, that’s exactly what the CEO of Qualcomm, Steve Mollenkopf, said he expected the dispute. Of course, the executive has no crystal ball and cannot say something like that, but, as he made it clear, everything revolves around how much Qualcomm thinks it’s fair to receive (for its intellectual property) and how much Apple thinks it’s fair to pay. And that, in most cases involving disputes like this, everything is resolved ?in conversation?.

See the CEO’s statement in the interview, below:

We?ll see when the two of them can stand to slap themselves in courts around the world