For lack of innovation, consumers are keeping their iPhones even longer.

For lack of innovation, consumers are keeping their iPhones even longer.

For some time now, a serious problem has been discussed that smartphone manufacturers have been facing: the slowdown of the cycle of change of handsets by users. Apple is one of the companies that has suffered most from the phenomenon that has recently been numbered by Strategy Analytics.

The firm has found that the average age of active iPhones in the world today is 18 months, the longest time ever recorded; comparatively, the average age of smartphones Samsung of 16.5 months. According to the company, the average time consumers are taking today to switch their smartphones from 33 months, and the tendency for them to stay with their devices even longer over the next few years is all due to one factor: lack of innovation.

According to Strategy Analytics Senior Vice President David Kerr, “Device operators and brands face significant inertia due to a consumer perception that there is no good value for money in successive generations of high-end handsets. line".

The analyst also commented that by seeking a higher profit margin for their smartphone operations, manufacturers (especially Apple and Samsung) threw the prices of their flagships 1 upwards, with values ​​over $ 1,000. According to Kerr, the price of 5G handsets will be a major factor in the success or failure of the technology, since 1 in 4 consumers highlights this factor as a determinant for their next purchase.

At least one factor is in favor of Apple and Samsung: the two brands have the highest loyalty rates among smartphone makers. In both cases, 70% of their consumers have stated that they intend to continue with the brand in their next acquisitions; in the case of LG and from Motorola, which came right back, this rate was just under 50%.

Strategy Analytics research separated data by some categories, such as age group, geographic location, and ethnicity. Among the most interesting findings is the fact that Samsung is the favorite brand of consumers of the so-called Generation X, between 40 and 54 years, but is behind Apple by almost 40 percentage points in Generation Z, between 18 and 24 years old. .

In addition, only 7% of users surveyed said they were interested in spending $ 1,000 or more on their next smartphone, which is something Apple and other manufacturers should take into account in their next handset. To be?

via Cult of Mac