Hermès special line of Apple Watch will start selling online the day after tomorrow [atualizado 2x]

for Jony Ive, partnership between companies is something never seen before at Apple

Hermès special line of Apple Watch will start selling online the day after tomorrow [atualizado 2x]

Everyone knows and it is not new to anyone: Apple has always been and still, as far as possible, a company that values ??secrecy, especially when we are talking about products that have not yet been launched. For these and others, I was surprised by the information that Herms learned of the Apple Watch project just last year, before Apple publicly introduced the product.

During the special event in which new colors for Apple Watch Sport and bracelets were launched, in addition, of course, the iPad Pro, the new Apple TV and the new iPhones, Apple announced an exclusive partnership with the traditional French brand. As of October, Herms will market exclusive models of the Apple Watch (stainless steel). There will be three in total.

In fact, the watch is ?the same?. The differentials are two: an exclusive dial of the brand and three options of bracelets made of leather. Check them out below.

Double Tour

Apple Watch Herms

The long bracelet of the famous Double Tour model takes two turns and wraps around the wrist in an elegant way. Available in 38mm stainless steel case, with Herms leather strap in four colors: fauve, tain, capucine and bleu jean.

Single Tour

Apple Watch Herms

Herms classic design. The closure was inspired by the straps of a horse saddle, referring to the brand’s equestrian heritage. Available in 38mm and 42mm stainless steel cases, with bracelet fauve or noir Herms leather. The 38mm case is also available with a bracelet capucine leather.


Apple Watch Herms

Inspired by equestrian equipment, the refined Herms leather Manchette bracelet adapted to allow the heart rate sensor to remain in contact with the wrist. Available in 42mm stainless steel case with bracelet fauve in Herms leather.

In an interview with Wall Street Journal, in addition to sharing this information that collaboration between companies started in 2014, before the Apple Watch was launched, Jony Ive (Apple design chief) also informed that the promotion of the Herms brand on the exclusive dial is somewhat unclear. Just think: when using Apple Watch Herms, the only brand visible on the watch is that of the French company. In 23 years at Apple, Ive said he had never seen anything like this.

When seeing such a partnership and I would include Apple Watches Edition in this cake, many users may think that Apple is making its products more and more exclusive. For Ive strongly disagrees with that. The designer stated that he is not comfortable with the word ?exclusive?, saying that his company has invested as much attention in Apple Watches Herms as in Apple Watches Sport (the most affordable line).

In the interview, Ive also said that both companies are open to develop new partnerships, many bet on special models of iPhones, for example, following this idea of ??watches. But the truth is, regardless of whether we see ?exclusive? iPhones around, I would bet money that Herms is just the first of other partners to join Apple to launch watch lines like this for Burberry (former home of Angela Ahrendts, current boss of the Apple stores) could be one of them.

Apple Watch HermsDifferentiated boxes that come with Apple Watch Herms

The watch will be sold from October 5 at Herms stores and some selected from Apple in 14 countries, including the USA, China, France and Switzerland. Prices range from $ 1,100 for the 38mm Single Tour bracelet to $ 1,500 for the 42mm headline.

(via 9to5Mac)