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For developers: Microsoft embraces Apple's ecosystem once and launches Visual Editor Code for OS X

This week we inform you that Microsoft announced two tools that make it easier to port iOS / Android apps to Windows 10. As this was not the only novelty that the company brought to developers.

Visual Studio Code for OS X

At her Build 2015 conference, she also announced the Visual Studio Code, a very light and multiplatform code editor for those who want to create web apps. Yes, a multiplatform editor available not only for Windows, but also for OS X and Linux!

The complete suite of Visual Studio remains available only for Windows, but joining this announcement with that of portability tools, we see that Microsoft is increasingly friendly with other platforms, wanting to be present in the largest possible number of (relevant) environments.

S. Somasegar, vice president of the company's corporate division, stated that the idea is to give options to developers who like and work on OS X and / or Linux. "Instead of making them migrate to Windows, we want to find them where they are."

Still in phase preview (somewhat like beta), Visual Studio Code is born with support (including syntax highlighting, customizable keyboard shortcuts, snippets, etc.) to JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js and ASP.NET 5 languages, in addition to working with Git.

To complete, as promised, Microsoft also released some of the main features of the platform .NET for OS X and Linux something that until then was limited to the Windows world. She also said that very soon the Office for iOS support adds-in interesting from services like Uber, LinkedIn and Salesforce (in the case of Uber, for example, it will be possible to add an extension in Outlook to remind you to call a car before a meeting).

great news from Redmond!

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