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For analyst, Apple video service will cost $ 15 a month

Apparently everyone wants to give their shit about the coming service of streaming from videos from Apple. We have talked a lot about him, who has everything to be presented to the world on March 25th. Well now the analyst Tim OShea, from Jefferies, also brought his dose of information.

As reported by Business insider, the analyst believes that Apple charge $ 15 monthly for the service. For him, there are two major challenges for the new service to achieve the desired success: original content (something that Netflix stands out) and content of major studios and networks. In OShea's opinion, Ma is not well positioned in any of these matters.

That's because Apple invests a fraction of what Netflix spends on its original content, so competition is already getting uneven while Apple has set aside $ 1 billion for the venture, Netflix plans to spend $ 13 billion by 2018!

In the second aspect, Apple's 30% bite in third-party service subscriptions (which should be made available through the Apple TV application) does not help in attracting these partners.

One thing, however, Apple has the advantage: The company's ready-made ecosystem and huge customer base puts it at an interesting level, making it much easier to attract consumers to its service than Apple Music with more than 50 million subscribers. prove the point.

The problem is that, in O'Shea's view, even if ?Apple Video? had around 250 million subscribers in 2023 (just by reference, Netflix now has 139 million subscribers), it would still be responsible for only about 5% of the company's revenue that year and would not make up for so much the drop in smartphone sales (the main reason the company is betting so much on new services).

Part estimates and predictions, we'll see how Apple fares in this new venture.

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