“For All Mankind” has its debut event; Apple TV + series are renewed

“For All Mankind” has its debut event;  Apple TV + series are renewed

We are just over two weeks from the official launch of Apple TV +, on November 1st, but for Apple the ?race for TV? has already started with its first debut ? that of the series ?For All Mankind?.

In fact, the company renewed production for the second season, in addition to other series that have not even been widely publicized yet. As much as everything seems to be going well, however, there is unrest behind the camera in Cupertino, as we will see below.

Premiere of ?For All Mankind?

With a confirmed launch for November 1st, ?For All Mankind? had its debut event held yesterday (10/15) at the Regency Village Theater (Westwood, California).

As expected from an Apple event, the premiere featured all the trappings we could imagine: red carpet, stars (including some Apple executives, like Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue) and a lot of customization, as you can see in the images below.

If you?ve lost the thread, ?For All Mankind? is a story imagined by screenwriter and producer Ronald D. Moore, in which the global space race never ended, being told by the lives of astronauts, engineers and their families.

Check out (or review) the official trailer for the series:

Renewed series

In addition to your debut event, ?For All Mankind? won the green light for the second season, according to a report by deadline. More than that, Moore (the executive producer) stated during yesterday?s event that he had already planned at least three seasons for the series, but only with the release of the second season will we know if it will be renewed again.

Disclosure of Disclosure of ?For All Mankind?

Apple has also renewed (or is about to renew) other productions, in a strategy, according to the deadline, to keep the flow of its original content ? since Apple TV + will be launched with less productions than its competitors, such as Disney +.

Trailer for Disclosure of ?The Morning Show?

Besides ?For All Mankind?, titles that presumably have also been renewed include some of the upcoming Apple TV + releases: ?The Morning Show? (which apparently had been quoted for two seasons since the beginning), ?See?, ?Dickinson? and ?Home Before Dark?.

?The Morning Show?, less in Australia

Recently, the newscast The Morning Show (not the fictional one, from Apple, but a real that exists in Australia) released an interview with the protagonists Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell, which caused many of us to take care of a curious fact involving the name of production in the country.

. @AshleeMullany sat down with the Morning Wars cast, which will be released exclusively on Apple TV +! # TMS7

Precisely because it bears the same name as the Australian news, Apple had to change the official name of the series to ?Morning Wars? in the country; however, as you can see in the trailer version released in Australia, the original name of the series, ?The Morning Show?, appears everywhere. What, huh?

Backstage Apple TV +

With the launch of the new Apple platform approaching, many were curious to know how everything has unfolded internally (in such a veiled way, it is worth mentioning) in recent years. Thinking about it, the The Hollywood Reporter he delved into the history of the service, finding curiosities and, of course, problems.

Apple TV +

Unlike some news previously published, the HR infers that Apple TV + will not focus only on ?familiar? content, as long as the explicit content serves a story; even so, the aspirational brand and the company?s philosophy will be very present in the service.

Such influence, however, would have already been the reason for an alleged mismatch between the production of the series ?Amazing Stories? and the company?s board of directors, a fact that would have delayed the launch of the adaptation of the original series by Steven Spielberg.

There are also reports that the backstage of Apple TV + was ?chaotic?, with the company struggling to get good reviews of its original productions before they were released. Under the view of some sources, Apple would be treating its new platform as a product launch (like the iPhone) and not as a TV service, leading to ?a certain amount of unrest?.

An issue raised by many people was the lack of a large catalog of productions (which, as mentioned above, would be circumvented with the renewal of some series), a situation that can be particularly problematic for Apple considering the collection of its main competitors ( Netflix, Disney and Amazon). In this sense, some analysts suggest that Apple will focus on producing content on its own (and less partnerships), something that would have already started with the creation of its own studio.

More than work, however, the Cupertino giant would be doing everything to cheer the Apple TV + team, including offering every showrunner one iGadget regularly ? that is, iPhones for free every year. Also according to the HR, Apple reportedly sent representatives to the studios to ?take orders? about the style of iPhone and iPad that their team would like. Envy ?

Apple TV app for Roku devices

Finally, the Roku announced yesterday that the Apple TV app is now available on its platform ? on the eve of the launch of Apple TV + -, allowing users to access its iTunes movie libraries and TV series, Apple TV Channels and, soon, the new service streaming of the company.

The new app can be downloaded from the Roku Channel Store on Smart TVs that have the service installed or with a dongle Roku connected. Unfortunately, the option is not yet available in Brazil or Portugal, only in the following countries: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, United States, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama , Peru and the United Kingdom.

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