FON joins ZON Multimédia for the Portuguese market

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Rodrigo Costa, executive director of ZON Multimédia, signed an extended partnership with Martin Varsavsky, founder and director of FON, a company that manages a community to share private Wi-Fi hotspots, to create the largest Portuguese Wi-Fi network, ZON @FON Wi-Fi Community.

The objective of ZON Multimédia is to massify the current offer of accessible Wi-Fi networks, bringing the Wi-Fi network ZON @ FON closer to mobile broadband internet accesses, both in terms of convenience and in terms of generalized accessibility, through the application of the FON sharing model.

FON, financed by investors such as Google or Skype, among others, manages the largest international shared Wi-Fi network, in addition to producing and providing the software and services essential to maintaining the community.

FON equipment allows users to share their home or commercial connection to the internet with other users, via Wi-Fi, by creating two independent wireless networks, one of which is secure and watertight, for the user’s personal use. sharing, called Fonero, another open one, for free use. When sharing your internet connection, Fonero is given the possibility of free access to all FON Wi-Fi hotspots in the world.

FON’s Wi-Fi hotspots can also be used by users who do not share their connection, called ‘aliens’, for a fee. In some modalities, Foneros also receive a percentage of the amounts paid for using their hotspot.

FON already has similar agreements with some European internet access providers, such as British Telecom or France’s Neuf Cegetel.

With the signing of the agreement between ZON Multimédia and FON, all ZON Netcabo users will now be able to benefit, for 6 months, from free access to the 2,500 FON hotspots already existing in Portugal. After the 6 months of the ZON @ FON experience, users will be able to purchase the equipment necessary to maintain the service, the La Fonera + Wi-Fi router, for around 40 euros and as of September, the ZON Home Media Gateway, a device fully integrated, encompassing all ZON services and the ZON @ FON functionality, for around 50 euros.

The ZON Home Media Server will include some exclusive ZON @ FON features, starting with the preservation of the total bandwidth on the Fonero personal network, with the bandwidth dedicated to public access, around 2 Mbps in the initial period, entirely independent.

Although all FON services and products in Portugal assume the designation ZON @ FON, the current Portuguese FON users will not be affected by the transition, maintaining the general conditions of use of FON, regardless of their internet access provider, except the exclusive ones to the ZON Home Media Server.

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