Follow what happens in every corner of your city with the “Where I Was Robbed” app

Follow what happens in every corner of your city with the “Where I Was Robbed” app

As a good carioca or Brazilian, as you prefer, I felt compelled to talk about this application.

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“Onde Fui Roubado” is a collaborative social platform that maps thefts, thefts and other types of crimes in Brazilian cities. All records are anonymously flagged on a map, thus generating public data that helps users get to know areas with high crime rates in their locality. Today, “Onde Fui Roubado” is already the largest collaborative platform in the public security area in the world, providing crime records in more than 800 cities in Brazil to its user.

I was shocked to open the app and see the huge amount of complaints made in neighborhoods close to home. It is the typical application that we would not like to use, but which, due to the insecurity in which we live, is quite useful.

Strolling the map d to see all the crimes registered. If you are planning to go to a certain place walking, for example, you can see if there is a lot of pedestrian assault in that region. Going for a bike ride somewhere? It is possible to check if cyclists are often assaulted on the path you have chosen. Touching one of the reports you can see exactly the description that the person put, the time of the theft, what was taken, among other things.


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More than that, all cities have a very nice statistics page. There, we see the compilation of all records indicating the estimated damage (sum of the values ​​of the stolen objects), the percentage of people who registered a police report, of men and women assaulted, whether the crimes were committed day or night, the types of crimes most committed (using Rio de Janeiro as an example, armed robbery dominates with 50%), the most stolen objects (cell phone is first with 30%), the most dangerous neighborhoods (Center), among other information important.

You can see all this information from different Brazilian cities and, of course, help the community by sending your report if unfortunately you are mugged. To top it off, the app also has some really cool security tips that we often forget because we think “we are local and that we need to worry about it”.

This is another one of those apps that need everyone's collaboration to become an increasingly useful and relevant service. If you do not have an iPhone, you know that it is possible to view all this information and / or register your report also on the website of “Where I Was Stolen”.