Follow the MotoGP championship straight on your iPhone

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And another creation by the Brazilian Marcelo dos Santos came out.

It’s the Moto GP 2009, so you can follow the motorcycle championship directly from your iPhone or iPod touch.

MotoGP 2009

Like him you stay on top of the whole championship.

Calendar, teams, drivers and detailed features of all tracks.

MenuWhat is the capital of Qatar?

It shows the length of each track and its record holder.

It also has an always up-to-date list of the results of each race, as well as the classification of the drivers.


The application is available on the App Store (link) for the price of $ 1.99.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch with firmware 2.2.1 installed.

But it is claaaaro that we have promotional codes for you !!! ?

Winning is easy: just post in the comments the name and surname of a world championship driver (Moto GP).

It cannot be one that has already been posted by another.

The first 6 who post different names get a code each.

And a very important thing, which is to value those who read the text until the end: Valentino Rossi is not worth the answer.

Whoever posts his name will be disqualified.


This time we also have a bonus question: whoever answers first which is the capital of Qatar, also wins a code. ?