Follow the counting of votes on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

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National voting day and all voters, after fulfilling their duty to the homeland, will be anxious to know the result of the ballot box. In the first presidential election of IPhone era in our country, several developers provided tools related to the election, as we have already commented here (read “IPhone or iPod touch apps that help you with the election process“). What we’ll show you now are the apps dedicated to the post-voting moment: the counting of votes, so that you are informed, wherever you are, of the result of the election.

Already elected by the team here at the Blog as one of the most beautiful icons ever made in Brazilian apps, Apuration 2010 aims to fully cover the result of the ballot boxes in all states. With a good graphic presentation, it indicates how much each candidate (the president, governor and senator) has done in each region. One of the only iPad compatible.

Among several functions, the application of the newspaper O Globo will also inform the result in real time of the counting of votes. Too bad, despite having a separate version for iPhone / iPod, only on the iPad it will be possible to follow the result.

We have already commented on it in the previous article, iDivulga also intends to update the performance of candidates throughout Brazil every minute (President, Governor, Senator, Federal and State Deputies). It does not have a specific version for the iPad.

This did not enter our previous selection because it was limited to just two states: Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. The RBS (Rede Brasil Sul) application, in addition to news, videos and guides, also real-time verification of all candidates, including for Federal Deputy. If you live in the south of the country, it is a good choice.

Good vote to all! ?