Foldify Zoo allows your children to assemble animals on paper

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Foldify Zoo

Nowadays some parents have created a strange habit with their young children: when they start to become too active, they immediately receive a iPad to get distracted and give adults a little “peace”.

I don’t know how questionable this is (in my childhood, they complained that TV did that, and I don’t think I’m a worse adult for that), but you can use the iPad to create old-fashioned motor activities.

That’s what makes Foldify Zoo, which allows you to paint animals on paper and then print them in a format that you can cut and assemble, like paper toys.

It is the union of the old way of playing, with the interactivity of the modern world.

The application has several models of animals ready and allows the child to customize them with colors, photos and elements like eyes and mouths.

Once ready, just print on a color printer (preferably on a harder paper), it comes out in the format to cut and assemble.

There, it is up to the parents to accompany the child at the time of clipping, helping him to fold and paste in the right places.



It is interesting that the app is concerned with not allowing children to print without control, making it only possible to print following text instructions (and in English), like “If you’re an adult, drag two fingers to the right“.


But better than talking, it’s watching on video:

Here’s an example of an app that can entertain and even bring the whole family together. ?

IPad only

Paint, print, fold, glue and assemble animals on paper.

Regular price: $ 1.99


PS: Pixle developers passed us on promotional codes of the application, which we will post this tuesday on our Twitter account and on our Facebook page.

It is not mandatory to follow any of them to view the codes, but obviously followers will be warned more easily the moment we post.


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