Focusing on screens, analyst gathers (possible) specifications of “iPhones 12” in a new report

Focusing on screens, analyst gathers (possible) specifications of “iPhones 12” in a new report

By now, there are so many sources of rumors and speculation that it can be a little confusing to try to keep up with the news about “IPhone 12”. But fear nothing: Ross Young has arrived to help.

The website analyst Display Supply Chain Consultants published today a list with the main specifications of the four models of “iPhone 12” that Apple is due to launch in the second half. Most of the information was already known (or rumored, in this case), but Young also brought a lot of details focused on his area of ​​expertise: that of screens.

Whether with new or already known data, it is always good to have the information organized as follows, in an easy-to-read table:

In terms of news, it is worth noting that Apple will adopt multiple suppliers for the screens of “iPhones 12”. We already know that the four models should have OLED panels, but the “iPhone 12 Max”, according to Young, will be equipped with components from BOE and the LG Display; other models will have Samsung, such as iPhones 11 Pro.

THE touch-sensitive layer of the devices will also apparently have variations within the line: the “iPhone 12” and the “iPhone 12 Pro Max” (the cheapest and the most expensive model, therefore) will have the layer integrated into the screen itself (with the technology Y-OCTA, from Samsung), while the components on the other two iPhones will exist in a separate layer.

Young also mentioned a differentiating element of “Pro” devices in the future line: apparently, they will be two of the first smartphones equipped with flexible OLED screens with 10-bit color depth – capable of reproducing much more tones and gradations, with a sharper and more vibrant image.

The analyst also fanned the possibility that Apple would disclose the screens of “iPhones 12 Pro” as panels XDR, as well as your professional monitor. However, Samsung screens today are not yet able to meet the specifications of the XDR designation (1,000 nits brightness, 1,600 nits maximum brightness, 1 million to 1 contrast, ample color space P3) – so if you are to disclose future more expensive iPhones as having “XDR” screens, Apple will have to change the specifications of what a display of this type is.

We have heard about the other specs: apparently, the cheapest “iPhones 12” will feature 5.4 / 6.1 inch screens, 5G support without mmWave, dual rear camera and 4GB of RAM. Meanwhile, “iPhones 12 Pro” should arrive with 6.1 / 6.7 inch panels, 5G support with mmWave, quad rear camera with LiDAR sensor and 6GB of RAM.

Young bets that the new iPhones, due to a delay in the start of production, will be launched later than usual – possibly in October, not in September. Despite this, the analyst bets that the devices will represent one of the most successful launches in the recent history of Apple, due to the 5G, the line entirely in OLED and the prices starting (possibly) from $ 650.

It will be?

via MacRumors