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Focus on the most demanding user: we interviewed Sony Mobile Marketing Director

Xperia Z3 + Release in Brazil

The reaction from users and the specialized press was not very positive after Sony Mobile announced the Xperia Z4 in May this year. To circumvent this situation, company executives decided to maintain this nomenclature only in Japan.

In other countries where the device is already marketed, as in the European market, the model was renamed Xperia Z3 +. We believe that for the company, convincing users that this smartphone an upgrade of Xperia Z3 would be better than putting it as its replacement.

According to Ana Peretti, the device will arrive in Brazil soon and with an exclusive feature for the domestic market, the dual-SIM 2G / 4G. The strategy of adapting the model to a dual version is entirely linked to the behavior of the Brazilian user, as the latest surveys conducted by Sony indicate that 70% of respondents prefer dual-SIM models.

However, the company is not yet disclosing the exact price or release date of the device in Brazil. AndroidPIT was the first site to publish a review of the Xperia Z3 +, and you can check it out via the link below:

Sony Xperia Z3 Plus Ultimate Test Hero
Xperia Z3 + have a dual-SIM version in Brazil. / ANDROIDPIT

By September this year the Xperia will have the same design.

Sony Mobile has released a new beta version of the Xperia UI user interface. This new version was released as part of a testing program in Sweden and, according to images posted by the company on its official blog, work on the new Xperia UI is making it closer to pure Android..

We questioned the executive about a possible change in the design line of Xperia smartphones and, according to her, the devices that the company has in its release schedule until September do not evade the OmniBalance concept.

According to Ana Peretti, it is not possible to confirm if the company's devices will follow another visual project, this is not yet 100% defined by the company. Well, at least there is an agenda among Sony executives about a possible redesigned look of the devices, now we have to wait for the next few months.

z3 z2 4
Omni-balance design on Xperia Z3 + (above) and Xperia Z2 (below) ./ ANDROIDPIT

Focus on the most demanding consumer

Which category does Sony most focus on in Brazil? According to Ana, the track premium It's a segment that the company is betting a lot on. As it has done in the past with the Xperia P and Xperia SP, the company recently introduced Xperia M4 Aqua in this new device category.

These models have a more refined design and extras present in the company's flagship devices, such as waterproof resistance certification or a sturdier camera. The user of this segment has a higher buying profile than customers who fall into entry or intermediate categories, ie, he is more demanding and is willing to pay a little more to have these differentials.

According to the executive, the understanding of technology is more widespread among consumers who, in turn, are more demanding in relation to the cost / benefit of a device. Every year Sony reviews its portfolio to make it more competitive, and the premium mid-range segment is a fundamental part of the company's strategy in Brazil.

sony xperia m4 aqua screen
Xperia M4 Aqua is a premium intermediate. / ANDROIDPIT

Financial results

Sony has some reason to cheer about its financial results. The company recently posted a 39% profit in the first fiscal quarter of this year (ending June 30), the highest since 2007. This brand represents a 207% growth over the same period last year.

However, the main sectors responsible for pulling this mark were camera sensors, PlayStation and Sony Pictures. The company's mobile devices and communication sector fell by approximately 16%.

For Ana, the company's portfolio strategy is right and competitive for the market, especially for the domestic market. In Brazil, the range of devices over one thousand reais where the company gets its best performance.

From January to April 2015, the mobile phone market over one thousand reais grew 28%, while Sony Mobile sales grew 200% in the same period, which continues to grow after the launch of the Xperia M4 Aqua. As informed by Ana Peretti, Sony Mobile is among the top three manufacturers in this price range, getting about 14% of market share for devices over $ 1,500.

Regarding other markets, the executive informed us that Spain, India and Asia are countries where Sony has a very strong performance.

Semiannual cycle of top line launches

Sony understands that the development of smartphone technologies is evolving at accelerated levels. According to Ana, this acceleration allows companies to bring greater added value to the consumer each semester. One of the pillars of this manufacturer's stance is to offer devices with up-to-date specifications for discerning consumers or technology enthusiasts.

In addition to meeting market demand, Sony strives to keep top-of-the-line devices older than one year with the latest versions of Android. The executive states that the company is still supporting users who have purchased previous versions, such as the Xperia Z2 that is already running with Android Lollipop 5.1.1.

Xperia ZQ has been on the market for over 24 months and runs on Android Lollipop 5.0.2, and is already expected to update to Lollipop 5.1.1 in the coming months.

sony xperia z2 android lollipop
Sony invests in upgrading its smartphones to retain users. / ANDROIDPIT

In our chat, I noticed that Sony's strategic pillars and belief in developing unique technologies remain fully aligned and active. The company is betting heavily on experiences that are superior to competitors, whether they are focused on their smartphones or smartwatches.

Regarding Sony's performance, analysts remain optimistic about the company's next fiscal quarter, as well as consumers looking for more innovation and launches that are more competitive and relevant to the market.

What about, do you own any Sony devices? What is your opinion about the company?

Acknowledgments: Ana Peretti.

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