Focus on corporate areas and subsequent sale is a new strategy for ONI

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In the coming months, ONI’s new owners will focus on the company’s activity in its most successful areas, which pass through the market corporate, by the Government and by the carrier, revealed in an interview with Diário Económico Manuel Champalimaud, president of Gestmin, a company that owns 37.5 percent of the operator in partnership with a Riverside Company fund.

After achieving this objective, the official admits that the intention of the current shareholder team is to sell the company, acquired in the last quarter of last year after the previous shareholder group, led by Millenniumbcp, has sold positions.

«We will leave when we restructure the company and are focused on the area where we work best,» said Manuel Champalimaud, president of Gestmin, in an interview with the daily.

According to the manager, the new shareholder group does not intend to allow the entry of new partners, but admits a possible redistribution of positions, after the anticipated takeover of 1.5 percent of the capital by the management of ONI.

ONI was acquired for 160 million euros after a period of analysis of several proposals where interested parties such as Tele2 or Vodafone were involved.

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