Focos brings Portrait Mode to the new iPad Pro; Pokémon GO will win battle between players

Focos brings Portrait Mode to the new iPad Pro;  Pokémon GO will win battle between players

Four popular apps recently received interesting updates on the App Store. Let’s take a look at them!


The photography app Spotlights It is already well known among iPhone users for bringing, long before Apple’s native tools, the editing of photos taken in Portrait Mode. Now, the app is gaining news that will particularly appeal to iPad users.

Focos app icon

With the update, the application has a new interface dedicated to Apple tablets, with support even for the new iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 inches – these models will even be able to take pictures in Portrait Mode directly through the app (something that is not possible in the Camera app, native). Other models can receive photos from iPhones that support photos with a blurred background and edit them, too.

The update also supports Apple Pencil and, exclusively on the iPad, the tool Patch in its free version. Focos can be downloaded for free from the App Store, but its full version costs R $ 4 per month, R $ 25 per year or R $ 45 for free lifetime access.

iTunes Remote

The application that controls iTunes from anywhere in your home is also receiving some news – mainly bug fixes and performance improvements.

ITunes Remote app icon

With the update, Apple fixed an issue where it could unexpectedly shut down while being used as an Apple TV keyboard. Intermittent issues of video streaming via AirPlay and replay control for playlists of videos have also been resolved.


Leaving the App Store and talking a little about the Mac App Store, version 3.8 of Pixelmator (condominium Phoenix) finally arrived offering full support for macOS Mojave.

Pixelmator app icon

In addition, the photo editor now supports colorful SVG fonts (you can now create richer and more vibrant graphics and designs – the Gilbert Color font is included in the app), the Continuity Camera feature (you can take photos using your iPhone and make them appear instantly in the Pixelmator document you are editing) and the HEIF file (available as a format when using Automator’s Change image type action).

Pokémon GO

THE hit end of 2016 may no longer be in its heyday, but it still has a loyal player base (literally) around the world. Now, its developer, Niantic, has announced a long-awaited novelty for users.

These are player-to-player (PvP) battles, which made fame in traditional Pokémon games for consoles and, until then, were absent from the mobile game. The new mode has not yet reached the latest Pokémon GO update, but is expected to emerge in the coming weeks. Niantic had promised the novelty until “the end of the year” and, certainly, wants to take advantage of the extra wave of popularity that the mode will bring.

Pokémon GO app icon