Fnac leads e-commerce sites visited by the Portuguese

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Fnac is the most visited e-commerce store by Portuguese internet users. The information was verified by Marktest’s NetPanel and reveals that in the first half of the year the site received 680 thousand visitors. The Amazon website was the second most visited by Portuguese residents on the continent in that period, with 626 thousand visitors, and Worten the third, with 609 thousand visits.

In number of pages visited, the auction site Miau.pt led the preferences of the Portuguese with 77 million hits. In this category, Fnac comes in third place with 37.6 million pages visited and La Redoute in second with 39.4 million accesses. Miau.pt was also the site where the Portuguese spent the most time, around 491 thousand hours.

In the six months covered by the study, the Portuguese visited 400 million pages of e-commerce sites, about 182 for each user, and spent a total of 3.3 million hours on this type of navigation, about 1 ½ hours for each user.

The Marktest study involved 2,222 thousand Internet users, Internet users at home and representing 73.5 percent of the total number of Internet users in the country.

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