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Flyjacket an exoskeleton that lets you control drones with body movements

O Intelligent Systems Laboratory gives Lausanne Federal Polytechnic School, at Your, developed an exoskeleton called Flyjacket looking for an easier and more intuitive way to control drones.

Official Website: LIS Intelligent System Lab

The suit transmits the pilot's gestures and body movements directly to the gadget, allowing the user to control it in real time. For this, the pilot has his arms wide open, as if it were a bird in flight.

The exoskeleton works in conjunction with a virtual reality headset, which shows the user what the drone camera is seeing. At the moment, researchers are using a Oculus rift and a laptop for the task.

FlyJacket has motion sensors all over its range. In addition, it brings support for the pilot's arms, preventing him from getting tired easily.

The main limitation is that in order for it to work, the drone must be flying at a constant speed. The costume has already been tested with experienced pilots and has undergone several modifications during its development. Nevertheless, it is still in the process of refinement and refinement.

Via: Dronethusiast. [TagsToTranslate] drone