Users create tool to enable OS X Yosemite Continuity features on older Macs

Flow: and Samsung continues to clone Apple

At this year's WWDC, Apple introduced the latest operating system for its computers to the world: the OS X Yosemite. On the occasion, several new features were announced and, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding was Continuity (Continuity).

OS X Yosemite Continuity

This function allows users to have access to their stuff on all devices. For example, you can answer your iPhone calls and send SMS messages on your Mac; start editing a document on your iPhone and finish on the iPad; and so on.

Certainly this is another of the great insights from Apple to facilitate our daily lives. Well, as a role of “innovative competitor”, Samsung has now also launched its continuity service between devices, called Flow.

Flow, by Samsung

The concept is basically the same as that offered by the duo Yosemite / iOS 8. Flow is divided into three parts:

  • Transfer: as its name says, it is possible to transfer the location of a bar or restaurant from your Android device to the Gear S watch, which you are reading on your smartphone to your tablet, among other things according to Samsung, without crashing.
  • Put off: Are you tired of watching videos or editing documents? Pause and then continue to do it all on the same or another device.
  • Notify: as they could not be missing, your notifications are also available on all devices. Leave your cell phone charging in the kitchen and your calls and messages can be viewed in the living room through the computer, for example.

For everything to work, all devices need to be paired via Bluetooth and for now only a few apps are compatible with Samsung's new service.

Let's see if this “clone” works effectively without counting its membership or if it is one more function (among many others) that Samsung plays in its ecosystem and that is bound to be forgotten.

(via Think Tank Team)