FLIR presents Hadron module with dual vision sensor for drones

FLIR apresenta módulo Hadron com sensor dual vision para drones

The manufacturer FLIR presented its new module Hadron with dual vision sensor (dual vision) for drones. The new camera module was produced with the aim of reducing the costs of developing drones (since the module promises low cost) and assisting other manufacturers who want integrate your sensor dual vision on drones. FLIR specializes in the design and production of thermal imaging cameras, components and image sensors.

Specifications Hadron FLIR


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FLIR Hadron is designed in a format compact and light, with low energy consumption. It includes two cameras, complete IMU integration and can operate at up to 60 Hz. The design promises to guarantee maximum battery life and flight time, especially for small aircraft structures. The Hadron module is indicated for situations such as inspection, location and identification of objects in low light and dark conditions.

The new Hadron camera module is equipped with a 12 megapixel camera and other Boson FLIR thermal camera (with shutter) with a resolution of 320 x 240. According to FLIR, the company worked in partnership with Vantage Robotics and Teal Drones to perfect the camera module for specific use on drones. As a result, Vantage Robotics has integrated FLIR Hadron into its micro-gimbal platform.

Teal Drones has also integrated the Hadron module into its Golden Eagle drone. FLIR’s novelty has a light construction, allowing the drone to save battery and remain in the air for a longer period.

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George Matus, CEO and founder of Teal Drones, explains that: “Hadron allows us to accelerate the development and time to market of small aircraft structures with thermal and visual sensors. Its high quality, low weight and compact size allow for quick integration to quickly develop prototypes”.

Via: Drone DJ