FLiP 5 integrates more comprehensive translation aids and automatic correction

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Priberam, a specialist in the design and development of software, announced the launch of FLiP 5, the latest version of the language tools package. The work was developed by transferring personal dictionaries from different users to the Priberam server, after which several analyzes were carried out on generalist and thematic texts in order to identify the words and grammatical constructions unknown in the previous version.

In this way, the new application incorporates four translation aids, a verb conjugator, a text editor compatible with all language tools for Portuguese, a wider automatic correction, checking for more errors, a dictionary of synonyms, antonyms and foreign proper names and compatibility with a wider range of applications.

According to Carlos Amaral, managing partner of Priberam «this version represents the largest investment made by the company so far. It took three years of work during which a large number of people were involved, for example, in the translation assistants they worked more than 30 people in Portugal and France «.

Also to create this work, an extensive bibliography was used because «we estimate that around 200 thousand people use the tool frequently to answer questions about the Portuguese language. In addition to FLiP products, FLiP On-line is consulted more and more people to correct texts in Portuguese for free «, said Carlos Amaral.

The sale price to the public of FLiP 5 is estimated between 37.39 euros and 50 euros, according to the intended version.

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