Flickr renews itself and gives 1 terabyte of space to all users

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It seems that the Yahoo is wanting to come back with everything. After having announced the purchase of Tumblr today, the former search giant also introduced the new Flickr, all reformulated and with a lot, but a lot of free space for its users: 1 terabyte.

Flickr was one of the first photo posting services on the internet to become popular, dominating the category for a long time, until the emergence of Instagram, which attracted everyone’s attention and caused the Yahoo service to be overlooked by the majority.

Now, he is back with everything, wanting to regain his position as the main repository of digital photos on the internet.

In addition to the gift to all users, the look has been completely remodeled, making it more modern and much more pleasant to view.

BDI's Flickr

The Flickr app for iPhone is almost a Instagram with steroids. It also has several filters to be applied, but the big advantage is that the user is not obliged to leave the image square, in addition to being able to publish it in high resolution. Also, the fact that it allows organizing photo albums by subject is a great advantage over the competing service.

IMG_6443 IMG_6438

Anyone who wants to test and see what the new Flickr looks like (and maybe replace Instagram for good) can download the free app. And whoever wants to follow us, just search for blogdoiphone. ?