Flickr launches its own application, but still does not upload video

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Flickr App

THE Flickr is the most used photo sharing service on the internet and even though the iPhone is the most used camera for users of the system, it still did not have its own application. That changed earlier today on the App Store.

The name of the application is the same as that of the service and has many advantages when compared to the mobile version of the website.

The first thing it does when you use it is to connect to your Flickr account so that it validates the use of the API, as it does with all external applications. After that, you will have access to your entire photo gallery, albums and list of favorites, being able to view them by tag or by groups.

Account connection

The application interface is light and pleasant, making it very easy to navigate through your photos. To access the website online, it is mandatory to use an internet connection. So be careful if you have a limited data plan.

Information panel Photos

It also allows the geolocation of the photos, something that its oldest competitor, the FlickIt Do not do.

Upload photos only List of photos

But what is disappointing (for those who have the iPhone 3GS and a Flickr Pro account) is that it does not upload videos, which makes it lose some points in the evaluation. Another negative factor is that there is no Portuguese version, which is a little annoying especially when you know that the Catalan it’s the Bleed (???) deserved to be in the package. At that point, FlickIt shows.

The good thing is that it is free and can be downloaded directly from App Store (link). But it is only compatible with iPhone OS from 3.0.